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  • amelia jac3 Smart Vegetable Washing Machine - Household Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Seafood Cleaning Machine In life, you can completely remove harmful substances from fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and cucumbers. The use of ozone to freeze seafood and meat products has a powerful preservative function. Breakdown hormone: Ozone is highly oxidized, which is quickly oxidized and reduced. It is a stable inorganic substance. Food Preservation: Seafood, meat and fruits and vegetables can be processed by the oxygen machine to extend storage time, especially seafood and meat. Ozone water and ozone water can be frozen together, the effect is better. Oxidized heavy metal ions: Oxygen atoms in oxygen can oxidize heavy metals in water to form non-toxic and high quality compounds in water and separate them before precipitation. The treated water can be used directly in 20 minutes, and the water quality is pure. Besides odor and harmful gas, it can also eliminate internal smoke, paint and harmful gas caused by paint. Olansi fruit and vegetable cleaner features: 1. Don't scrub! Using the principle of ultrasonic and active oxygen, the ultrasonic food cleaning machine can remove 98.9% pesticide from fruits and vegetables conveniently and effectively
    August 2, 2021

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