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Anti-ageing tips

  • Anti-ageing tips

    Have you started to notice first signs of ageing on the skin? These could be anything from the wrinkle, age spots to fine lines around the forehead, lips, or even eyes. But before you reach out for most expensive anti-ageing cream out there, why not make some lifestyle modifications that would surely work in the favour and prevent more such signs.

    Avoid excess exposure to sun

    It is no. 1 cause of the wrinkles with dozens of studies documenting the impact. Protect the skin from sun rays firstly by staying indoors as the sun is strongest. Secondly get into habit of wearing a sunscreen with the good sufficient SPF every time you go out. Apply it at least 20 - 30 minutes before stepping out in sun and reapply it every few hours.

    Stay hydrated

    Inadequate hydration is second major cause of extreme wrinkles. In order to for the skin to stay moist and elastic, it needs the constant supply of water. If you fail to get sufficient fluids in your body, cells would start to lose elasticity and eventually wrinkles shall start surfacing. Here is how water affects the beauty.

    Quit smoking

    Apart from many well-documented ill-effects of the smoking on body, it also causes thepremature ageing of skin mainly by reducing the blood supply and nourishment to skin. This makes skin lose its elasticity and moisture. Also as smoking, some recurring actions like narrow your eyes to protect the eyes from violent fumes and constantly dragging cigarette fumes into his/her mouth causes the wrinkles over time at corners of the eyes and mouth.

    Get adequate sleep

    When you do not get sufficient sleep, the body produces excess cortisol – a hormone that breaks down the skin cells. Get sufficient rest and you will produce more HGH -human growth hormone, which helps the skin remain thick, more elastic and less likely to wrinkle. You would also feel less tired and there would be the glow on your face.

    Try face yoga

    Just like yoga is the holistic practice that works on the mind and body, face yoga is the bunch of facial exercises to keep the face tight and younger-looking forever. We frequently forget to work out our facial muscles but these exercises help do same and keep ageing skin at bay.

    Eat healthy

    Consume the diet full of vitamins that come from the fresh vegetables and fruits as well nuts and seeds, which are all effectual anti-ageing foods due to amount of antioxidants they all pack.

    Keep stress at bay

    Stress releases hormones like cortisol which decrease muscular tissue beneath skin. This makes your skin thinner and makes it look wrinkled and old.



  • Popo Rich
    Popo Rich Good advice. But I am now experiencing severe stress and it is very bad not only for appearance but also for health. Advise how to deal with stress?
    November 25, 2018
  • Paul Verhoven
    Paul Verhoven Stress affects most of the world's population and it really affects the human body. I struggle with stress with the help of vaping and I advise you to visit my website. You will learn...  more
    November 25, 2018
  • Appi Vano
    Appi Vano Recently, growth hormones have begun to be used to slow down aging. More and more research is being done on HGH therapy. Judging by the results: the biological age of people who underwent therapy decreased and overall well-being improved. For the last 3...  more
    September 26, 2019
  • Darissa Dahon
    Darissa Dahon These are very effective tips. But in addition to this skin and health care, you need to visit specialists who can adjust your skin care, help you choose really effective anti aging products and can provide you with beauty services. For example, I...  more
    Oct 14

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