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Posted by Remo Rex
Firaaq Full Movie - Firaaq follows the life of several ordinary people, some who were victims, some silent observers and some perpetrators one month after the 2002 violence in Gujarat. It focuses on how their lives are affected and (irrevocably) changed. Mohsin, a young Muslim boy who has been orphaned during the carnage and is searching for his father. Khan Sahab (Naseeruddin Shah), an elderly Muslim classical vocalist, who is initially unaware of the events and loses his optimism after becoming aware of the hate floating around. A middle-aged Hindu woman, Aarti (Deepti Naval), who is traumatised because she did not open the door to a Muslim woman being chased by a mob and her husband (Paresh Rawal) Muneera, a young Muslim woman whose house has been burnt and suspects her friend's (Amruta Subhash) husband to be behind it. A group of Muslim men, who want to hide their helplessness by searching for a gun in order to extract revenge. An affluent couple, Sameer (Sanjay Suri) and Anu (Tisca Chopra), whose store was burnt during the carnage and want to escape their fears by moving to Delhi. The stories briefly interconnect, giving the impression that all are involved in each others life and all have been affected.
Posted July 30, 2012
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